Sunday, 27 July 2014

Lammas Festival in Eastbourne

Myself and hubby celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary and stayed in a favourite hotel for a night, unbeknown to us the Lammas Festival was in full swing!

Lammas is an ancient celebration connected with the harvest, it is Pagan in it's origins.

Here are some images of that day :

Henna & hats!!

Spell bottles


Friday, 18 July 2014

This is how I did it :)

Hello lovely bloggers!
Fancied making another beach themed piece of art, here's how I did it.

Pretty cute huh?

Also been treating myself to a few craft bits and pieces :)

Retail therapy feels good :)

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A day in the life

The last couple of days has been busy and it was time for a clear out (I say this all the time).
There may not seem to be a lot of stuff here but I do cram a lot in a very tight space!

Sewing stuff needs work

Cleared stuff from under the bed (the dust mites will not be pleased) but some things remain.

You're never too old for teds and tigers

Bought a cool kaftan now that we have some sun :)

The knicker drawer was next

I love my retro clock - ain't she cute

Finally found a spot for our shabby side table

Box full of various swaps (not my baby shoes!)

A beautiful Charlotte Macey egg cosy (I won this)

One of my journals

Bursting at the seams

Bought a sample of Angel from The Scent Sampler, and lovely it is to :)

And.......................I have now gone 38 days without a single biscuit, sweet, cake, chocolate, treat of any kind, stuck to 3 meals a day and no snacking - whoever is giving me this willpower - THANKYOU!!!

Have a wonderful rest of the week.