Thursday, 10 April 2014

First Art page swaps received

In conjunction with (Puddleduck Grange) Debi, myself, Deborah & Corrina are creating art journal pages, 5 in total in 5 themes for throughout the year - this being the first, beautiful art with affirmation.  Mine are ready to be bound into a journal when all art is finally in.  Themes next are Circus, Garden Folk, Mermaids/Pirates/Sea Creatures and last of all Halloween!!  That is only 6 months away :)
Here are the pages with links :

Here are the 3 that I sent out :)

Rosa Lily L
A creative & happy space

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Arty fun

Here are some I did today :)

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

It's stuck and it won't come out!!

Yesterday I bought out my sewing machine.  I haven't used it since we moved 8 weeks ago.  Not noticing that anything was wrong I stood it on the table.  I thought I could hear a rattle, but didn't know where it was coming from.  As I looked down I saw the bobbin was missing.  The cotton from the bobbin was hanging down from the inner workings of the machine, impossible I thought, it would seem the stupid removal men had turned the machine on it's head and the bobbin had dislodged itself and miraculously wedged itself where I couldn't grab it.  So Mr P. decided to take the machine apart (I had a real sense of doom at this point) and after about 20 minutes of fffing and jeffing and culprit was found.  Of course the machine had to be put back together.  At this point I left the room as Mr P. got on with it.  I am pleased to report after much huffing and puffing it is all systems go.  Yay!!  The moral of this story?  Always write 'THIS WAY UP' on your machine before packing :)

Anyhow I did 3 more little fabric pieces - do you like them?

Me and Mr P. also had a night of 'comedy opera' at our favourite eatery in the Harbour.  What a treat, the atmosphere was electric, food was glorious and the music was beautiful.  The site of a fit Italian singer in absurdly tight black trousers and thigh length boots walking around the tables gyrating was not for the faint hearted!!


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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Stitch Fest day

Apart from art and photography I do have a lot of other interests, occasionally I get into a sewing mood, so I made these today - they just need a hanging ribbon on each of them.  Three are small and one is large, materials used were linen, antique lace, old worn denim, a few old buttons and a few other bits and pieces I could find, mainly roughly hand sewn.

'Sweet little things to hang'


Also I had a lovely PIF gift from Debi (all the way from cold Canada!!) - just gorgeous, I love my gloves :)

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Monday, 10 March 2014

Not everybody knows that about me :)

Hello!!  It's been a while........I thought I would enlighten you with some factoids :) so if you can keep awake - here we go :

I was born in London on February 1st, I am an Aquarian and do possess all of their weird traits.
My real name is not Rosa Lily, (although it is a family name) I use it just for my blog and Facebook.  I think too much personal information is sometimes not necessary, and there are certain people who I know, who would invade my "creative space" with their own drivel, especially on FB, so I don't let on i'm in virtual land.

I have very long hair, I have also had very short hair, but the longer it gets the more I resist having it all chopped off!!  Some would say that older women should not have long hair - well BOO to that.

I have a tattoo of a large tiger on my left shoulder blade (there's a rock chick in there somewhere). I would love to get some Angel Wings some day.....

I have no intention of ever acting my age.

I love animals more than almost anything
I loathe liars and cruelty (in all forms)
I am at that age when my hormones are confused, but I haven't killed anyone (yet)

Are you still awake lovelies??

I was 6 when I bought my first record and I have a vast music library,  music is a healer - no doubt about it

I also have a vast ITunes library - as you can see I love my music.  I have also clung onto old cassettes, videos etc.... I have a vast film library to.

I believe that what goes around - comes around (so be nice to me)

On my wedding day as I got out of the car at the church, a little girl ( in a loud voice) said
"It's the Queen !"

I have known my hubby all of my life :)

I am a dreamer and often drift off into lala land.

I'm not religious but I believe that something must have made all of this.  I also believe
in guardian angels, in whatever form they appear.

Regrets ?  I've had a few (I nearly broke into song there!), but who hasn't?

I wear Bridgette Jones knickers.  As for squishing myself into a pair of  'Spanx' - no thanks!

Charity begins at home (always)

I am 5ft 6in and fairly well upholstered :)

I have a real "fear" of those old type ventriloquist dummies, the ones that look like little men (shudder shudder).  The film 'Magic' completely freaked me out :(

I love the feel and look of old books - well old anything really.  Not old men by the way, just in case you thought I was being a bit weird ;)

Shabby is wonderful. Retro is cool.  Vintage is fabulous.

I love sitting and watching the world go by.....

Do you get the feeling I need to get out more?

My childhood home was haunted.

I have Al Pacino's autograph.

I have a purple belt in karate (chop chop).

I have been known to ignore a knock at the door, or a phone call, if I don't want to be disturbed.  I have never opened the door to a stranger - If I don't know you don't bother me.

If you don't watch Big Bang Theory you will not 'get' the image above!

I still practice yoga.  Did it full on in my 20's, and yes it is good for you.

I can read Tarot cards :)

I do love a glass of Baileys (no ice of course).

I love Christmas.  I love chocolate and dairy ice cream, together if possible.

I consider myself to be very fortunate in lots of ways.

In my Family Tree I have a pirate (not Johnny Depp unfortunately). A lot of my ancestors came from Jersey and Alderney.

I have lived in 10 different properties since 1986 - wanderlust maybe?

My favourite sound is a cats purr.

A favourite sight? - Butterflies dancing
Worst trait? - Never finishing anything I st...........

Best trait? - Empathy

If I had a super power? - To exterminate on sight

Describe myself in 3 words


☆☆* ♥♥ *☆☆L tu L☆☆* ♥♥ *☆☆

Have a great rest of the day lovelies